Welcome to all of our Parents & Carers

This section is full of useful resources for our parents and carers. If you are considering Nightingale Primary Academy as your child’s primary school, please look at our prospectus as well as the information on our website. To the left are links to information you may find useful.


Listening to you

Parents and carers are represented on our governing body and shape the primary academy through their feedback. We welcome comments from parents/carers at all times, and we also have a Parents Forum which meets termly. If you are interested in attending our Parents Forum, please contact us.

Keeping you informed 

We send weekly letters home, we have a Twitter account where you can find news of achievements and projects in the school and we will also be sending home a termly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on all the wonderful goings on here at Nightingale Primary Academy.

You can follow us @nightingalecoop

Bad Weather / school closure information and protocol

We will always do everything in our power to keep the school open, however in exceptional circumstances where it is judged that we cannot guarantee the safety and wellbeing of pupils we may have to keep the school closed. In the case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstance causing the school to not open the following steps will be taken to inform parents:

* Text message sent to all parents for whom we have an upto date mobile number

* Message of closure to be placed on school website and twitter feed

* Message sent to the local radio stations – Radio Aire and BBC Radio Leeds.

Attendance, including holidays during term time

At Nightingale Primary Academy we take attendance of our pupils very seriously. We monitor each pupils’ attendance weekly and will speak to parents about our expectations and possible consequences if their child’s attendance begins to fall. If your child is ill or has an unavoidable medical appointment we ask that you let the office know before 8.30am on the first day of their absence. If your child has an appointment within the school day we will expect your child to only be absent for the appointment and appropriate travelling time to and from that appointment. If your child’s attendance falls below 90% we may ask for evidence of appointments. In the case of religious holidays which fall within term time we will authorise 1 day of absence for each celebration. Any request for a pupil’s absence which is not medical must be made by filling in an exceptional leave form which can be collected form the main office. We will not authorise holidays within term time and remind parents that if you are away for an extended period of time your child may be at risk of losing their school place. If you choose to take a holiday within term time and your child has a high level of unauthorised absence you may be subject to a fine from Leeds City Council.