Vision and Values



*Self-help  *self-responsibility  *democracy  *equality  *equity  *solidarity

*Openness  *honesty  *social responsibility  *caring for others


The Co-operative Academies Trust will provide an outstanding education for all our learners, founded on co-operative values, at the heart of the community, welcoming to adults and children of all faiths and none.

Our academy will support learners to reach and exceed expected standards of attainment, and it will be an agent of change in the wider community. It will be a safe environment where adults are dedicated to protecting the rights, meeting the needs, and supporting the aspirations of children. The academy will be recognised as an inclusive, high quality learning environment.

Our school will:

·         Nurture all children in a safe and stimulating environment

·         Provide for them a style of education that inspires the will to learn

·         Prepare them for making wise choices throughout their lives

·         Enable them to face their lives with courage and compassion

We believe that:

·         Each human being is special, gifted, unique.

·         We should value others for what they are – not just for what they do.

·         We should balance high self-esteem with respect for others.

·         Good relationships are fundamental for both our own individual good            and for the good of the community as a whole.

We will provide:

·         Structured learning of literacy, numeracy and I.C.T. skills to a high                 standard.

·         A wide-ranging rich curriculum.

·         Frequent opportunities for all children to express themselves                           creatively.

·         Encouragement to communicate well and listen to others.


We will enable all children to:

·         Value the beauty of the natural world.

·         To wonder at the mystery of life and its possible origins.

·         To feel the need to distinguish between good and bad, right and                      wrong.

·         To glimpse the riches of love.

·         To see how they can promote their own health and well-being.

·         To be ready for their wider role as citizens.

A safe environment where education can prepare all children to be ready for life