About the Co-operative Academies Trust

The cooperative academy trust

I am sure you will know the name, The Co-operative, from so many areas of your local high street – the supermarket to the pharmacy and the bank to funeral care – as a brand it is well known to us all.
However, what you may not know is that The Co-operative dates back to 1844 when a group of workers from Rochdale made the decision to open their own shop in an effort to provide cheaper food for working people who were struggling to pay for essentials.
Soon after, these shops began to spread across the North of England and, in an effort to raise standards of education, many of them had reading rooms where people would come at night to learn by candle light.
Today, over one billion people across the world are involved in co-operatives with producers, manufacturers and retailers working together to raise living standards and provide value for money in an ethical and democratic manner.
As a business with clear moral and social values, as well as a history of valuing education, The Co-operative Group feels that it has something to offer schools, their children and the communities they serve.
The Co-operative Group currently sponsors three high schools, including The Co-operative Academy of Leeds, and four primary schools – Brownhill, Nightingale, Oakwood and Woodlands – which come together as The Co-operative Academy Trust. The sponsorship does not involve providing money for running the school as this still comes from the Government, but it does offer additional expertise and access to the resources of such a large organisation.
Apart from the name, you may not see much difference in the everyday running of the school, but we are working behind the scenes with Miss Ingram and her team to offer your child a school that offers the best start to their journey into life-long learning.
Thank you for choosing to come to Nightingale Primary Academy and, on behalf of The Co-operative Academy Trust, may I welcome you and your child.