Going for Gold

At Nightingale Primary Academy we ensure our motto 'Going for Gold' is central to everything we do. Going for Gold supports the academies behaviour rewards scheme and encourages our students to work their way through a green, silver and gold.

We believe that:

- Each human being is special, gifted, unique.

- We should value others for what they are – not just for what they do.- We should balance high self-esteem with respect for others

- Good relationships are fundamental for both our own individual good and for the good of the community as a whole.

Latest News

Bell Beaker

Bronze Age food pots introduced by the Bell-Beaker people are squat jars often with decorated bevelled rims…

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The Enormous Turnip

Inspired by the Enormous Turnip Story Reception class invited parents into school to help them make soup.Thank…

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Parents Evening

Thank you to all the parents, carers and governors who attended our parents evening. Angela made some…

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Ugly Duckling

Don’t miss Northern Ballet’s hugely popular Ugly Duckling – a ballet for children, at Nightingale Primary Academy…

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Don't miss Northern Ballet's hugely popular Ugly Duckling ballet for children @nightingalecoop on Saturday 16th Dec… https://t.co/MID17eSbJN

22 Nov 17 @ 09:23pm

Read, Write Ink training today for all staff @nightingalecoop providing a structured and systematic approach to tea… https://t.co/8mqd91PBkR

17 Nov 17 @ 04:25pm

Parents, Carers and children have the opportunity to sample our delicious school dinners at our parents evening… https://t.co/ORGSTwJJfK

16 Nov 17 @ 05:05pm